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duo juan carlos carrasco - rudi flores

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tango musicians Juan Carlos Carrasco and Rudi Flores.


9 de julio (tango)

Ventarrón (tango)

It was in completely different circumstances that Juan Carlos Carrasco and Rudi Flores arrived in Paris. Carrasco had fled the terror of the Argentine junta in 1980, while Rudi Flores was attracted by the romantic city of art in the nineties.

Carrasco the pianist has real tango heritage. His father was a bandoneon player and orchestra leader in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango. Rudi Flores comes from the hot and humid city of Corrientes. His father is a bandoneon player too, but he earns his crust by playing chamamé, folk music from northern Argentina. Rudi plays the guitar at quite a fast tempo in his father’s ensembles, although both Flores Senior and Junior play the great classics of tango for pleasure in their free time.

When they got to know each other in Paris, both talented men instantly struck a harmonious chord. Both of them have only recently started playing tango each week in a Parisian bar. They are now also bringing that musical enjoyment to the stage. A tango which leads them back to their distant homeland. It is music that is not excessive: tango can be so simple!

instrumentation: Rudi Flores: guitar, Juan Carlos Carrasco: piano.
booking period: September 1th, 2015 until August 31th, 2016.
information: or tel. 0032 (0)9 220 73 40.