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cuarteto carrasco: modern tango rooted in a rich history

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foto del cuarteto carrasco: juan carlos carrasco, max bonnay, bernard
							cazauran, christian briere


El Arranque (tango)

A Don Astor (tango)

When Juan-Carlos Carrasco got to know the legendary Trottoirs de Buenos Aires in Paris in the eighties, he fell in love with the City of Light and started up a classical tango quartet. Through Argentine violinist Hugo Crotti he met the celebrated double base player Bernard Cazauran, who developed a great affection for tango whilst he was in Argentina. The quartet is completed by the widely acclaimed bandoneon player Max Bonnay.

Carrasco plays modern tango, although still deeply rooted in its own history. The dance developed at the end of the 19th century, but from a musical point of view, for Carrasco it only became interesting in the 1930s. The orchestra led by the de Caro brothers is an important source for him. Since its birth, the tango has grown in richness and Juan-Carlos Carrasco wants to continue that process.

The arrangements of the Cuarteto Carrasco “H” are steeped in that rich history, but they are still characterised by an elegant efficiency. As a composer, Juan-Carlos Carrasco likes to play with contrasting parts. Sparkling, energetic passages juxtaposed against slow, more melodic moments. Each and every one of his compositions easily rises from under the dark shadows of Astor Piazzolla. Cuarteto Carrasco represent a kind of tango not only sensual and erotic, but cheerful and serious at the same time.

In short, a tango that is an expression of life itself…

instrumentation: Max Bonnay, bandoneon. Christian Brière, violin. Bernard Cazauran, double bass. Juan-Carlos Carrasco, piano and arrangements.
booking period: September 1st, 2015 until August 31th, 2016.
information: or tel. 0032 (0)9 220 73 40.