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some of the basic movements in the tango

We have noted down several simple Argentine tango movements in Labanotation. Our intention here is to illustrate how useful this dance notation can be for the tango. It uses a rhythmic analysis that differs from current practices in Labanotation and which evolved out of our particular interest in rhythm. We noted down the simple movements at a time when we were also developing this alternative rhythmic analysis. The main aim of this tango notation was to see whether the notation remained sufficiently comprehensible with the new additions.

However, these notations by no means demonstrate any necessity for more precise rhythmic notation. After all, rhythmically speaking, the movements are not at all complex. For a description of the new rhythmic analysis we refer you to the section "Analysis and notation of steps in Labanotation". Among other things it explains the advantages of the new means of notation.

In the table below, in addition to the name of the movement, you will see a link to the notation and to the illustrations. The notations are by P.W. Pulto. In the videos he is dancing with Katri Silvonen.