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For many years now, we have been following the Argentine music scene from close by. Tango is unmistakably blooming again and Argentine folklore is still producing some delightful fruit. On the old continent there is a great deal of receptiveness and interest in this music. Nevertheless, the real musical richness of Argentina still seems to find it hard to get onto Europe’s stages. Therefore we would like to give a gentle nudge of support to a few exceptional artists as they make their way amongst European audiences.

carlos moscardini: guitar from the pampas

Carlos Moscardini: guitarist and composer of Argentine folklore

Since Abel Fleury, the folk guitar from Buenos Aires and the Pampa has reached new heights through Carlos Moscardini’s work. In his compositions, tradition and renewal seamlessly overlap each other. And all of it is evidently found in the creole roots of the Buenos Aires of the 'gauchos', 'pulperias' and 'payadores'.

duo juan carlos carrasco and rudi flores

picture of tango musicians Juan Carlos Carrasco and Rudi Flores.

When Argentineans Juan Carlos Carrasco and Rudi Flores got to know each other in Paris, both talented men instantly struck a harmonious chord. Only recently they have started playing tango each week in a Parisian bar. They are now also bringing that musical enjoyment to the stage.

cuarteto carrasco "h"

Juan Carlos Carrasco H Quartet with Pereyra and Cazauran.

Juan Carlos Carrasco plays modern tango, although still deeply rooted in its own history. His music oozes the elegance of this rich history. Cuarteto Carrasco represent a kind of tango not only sensual and erotic, but cheerful and serious at the same time. In short, a tango that is an expression of life itself…