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In 1928 Rudolf von Laban published "Schrifttanz”, in which he initiated a system of movement notation. Through the work of Sigurd Leeder, Albrecht Knust and Ann Hutchinson (amongst others) the rudimentary writing grew into a powerful and flexible notation system: Labanotation or Kinetography Laban.

There are three approaches to description in the Laban system: Motif Description, Effort-Shape Description and Structural Description. In Motif Description only the motif or the most important characteristic of the movement is given. Effort-Shape Description describes the energetic content of the movement and its relationship to the functional and expressive value of that movement. It is applied in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). Usually, when one speaks of Labanotation, as is the case here, reference is being made to Structural Description. This gives a full view of the movement in clear and measurable terms.