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carlos moscardini: pearls from the pampas

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picture of Argentine folklore guitarist and composer Carlos Moscardini


Duendes Mulatos (candombe)

Doña Carmen (creole waltz)

Loca Milonga (milonga)


Born in Temperley in the province of Buenos Aires, guitarist Carlos Moscardini discovered jazz, classical music and Argentine folk. After his studies at the Conservatorio Julián Aguirre he worked for many years with a large number of important artists in Argentine folk music.

In 1997 he recorded his first solo CD with a lot of his own work as well as themes from other composers. He got his big break with his second solo CD Buenos Aires de Raiz (2005) with only original work and with that booked himself a place amongst the greats of Argentine guitar music.

Since Abel Fleury, the folk guitar from Buenos Aires and the Pampa has reached new heights through Carlos Moscardini’s work. In his compositions, tradition and renewal seamlessly overlap each other. Beyond the apparent simplicity of his gems there is great refinery. And all of it is evidently found in the Creole roots of the Buenos Aires of the gauchos, pulperias and payadores’:

“This giant tree’s hidden roots live in me through tradition; the roots of a different Argentina which I express in a voyage to the endless horizon of the flat Pampa.”

instrumentation: Carlos Moscardini, guitar.
booking period: October 2015.
information: info@studiopulto.org or tel. 0032 (0)9 220 73 40.